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Wednesday 10/1

Skrei-season is finally here! Skrei is cod that grew up in the Barents sea. In its best age it comes in to the norwegian coast to spawn. This happens from january to april. This is the only place in the world you can fish skrei. Because of its long travel the meat is nice and firm. 

Tuesday 2/1

Happy new year, everybody! Elias is opening again tonight at 17.00. Hope you all ha a nice holiday :) 

Friday 10/11

Opening hours during christmas and new years eve: last day open before holiday is december 22. The restaurant is open again from january 2. at 17.00. 








From the sea and the garden to the dinner table

Our philosophy is that food should be made from scratch. Our menu is inspired by the norwegian nature. High quality and taste is important to us. Keep in mind that good food is not only about what is good for you, but also the environment and the animals. That is why we try to use organic ingredients.

Welcome to our nice restaurant in Kristian Augusts gate 14!